fredag 5 februari 2016

The Stockholm League – February 3, 2016

"We come to sweep."

Four tables were played in the eigth round of our November-January league (now suddenly changed to our November-February league). Standard tournament rules apply + printed proxy is allowed + Anarchs Unbound cards are allowed.

Table 1:
1. Kim (Blood Brothers Chicago circle anarch toolbox) 4 vp, 1 gw
2. Kari (Tzimisce anarchs toolbox)
3. Henrik (Lasombra/Kiasyd sb)
4. Jens (ANI-CEL IC gun wall)

Table 2:
1. Kalle (Malkavian Lutz & Unmada vote)
2. Jonas S (Ravnos G2 sb)
3. Kari (Gangrel anarch Brunhilde sb/vote)
4. Daniel R (Setites Temptation)
5. Henrik (Lasombra/Kiasyd sb) 5 vp, 1 gw

Table 3:
1. Jonas S (Ravnos G2 sb)
2. Ober (!Nosferatu with dom sb) 1 vp
3. Kim (!Gangrel toolbox)
4. Jens (ANI-CEL IC gun wall)
5. Kalle (Malkavian Lutz & Unmada vote) 4 vp, 1 gw

Table 4:
1. Kim (Setite sb) 1 vp
2. Kari (!Tremere Black Hand sb)
3. Randy (!Ventrue anarch wall) 3 vp, 1 gw
4. Daniel R (Setite Ghede rush)

League standings:
Jens 94 rtp
Robert 68 rtp
Randy 62 rtp
Henrik 58 rtp
Kim 52 rtp
Kalle 48  rtp
Kari 34 rtp
Ober 12 rtp
Masso, Zich 10 rtp
Erik M, Ivan 4 rtp
(1 gw = 8 ratingpoints, 1 vp = 4 ratingpoints. Note: Players can play more than one game each round if their participation are needed to complete a table where at least one player has not yet played a league game this round, but only the best result each round counts for rating. If more players than 5 want to play such a table, lowest vp-count this round has priority. No league game begin before 17.00 or starts after 20.00.)

The next round of the league is played at Dragon´s Lair, Kungsholmstorg 8 next Wednesday about 1800-ish. Be there!

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