söndag 7 maj 2017

The Stockholm League – May 3, 2017 and final result

Congrats to the split league victory Kristofer and Randy!
Sure, you could argue that Randy had three game wins and Kristofer only two, but after lengthy discussions the league organization administrative board has decided that it wants to promote winning big (preferably table sweep!), so a split victory is all in good order.

Congrats also to Karim for his first league game win, performed in his third league game!

Two tables were played in the tenth and last round of our ten week league.
Standard tournament rules apply + printed proxy is allowed.

Table 1:
1. Karim (!Ventrue stickmen)
2. Donk (Enkidu anarch rush) 0,5 vp
3. Kim (ANI-anarch-weenies) 0,5 vp
4. Henrik (Ventrue princes with sticks) 2.5 vp, 1 gw
5. Robert (!Brujah weenie vote)

Table 2:
1. Robert (!Salubri bruise-bleed weenies)
2. Erik (AUS+PRE Jost + Rebekka sb) 2 vp
3. Peter (Malkavian anarch vote)
4. Randal (Toreador Masika Advanced Grand ball vote/wall)
5. Karim (!Ventrue stickmen) 3 vp, 1 gw

League standings:
Kristofer, Randy 68 rtp
Kalle 62 rtp
Henrik 56 rtp
Robert 52 rtp
Peter 48 rtp
Erik 46 rtp
Kari 36 rtp
Donk, Kim 32 rtp
Karim 26 rtp
Jens, Tomas 24 rtp
Zich 16 rtp
Robin 8 rtp
Ivan 4 rtp
(1 gw = 8 ratingpoints, 1 vp = 4 ratingpoints. Note: Players can play more than one game each round if their participation are needed to complete a table where at least one player has not yet played a league game this round, but only the best result each round counts for rating. If more players than 5 want to play such a table, lowest vp-count this round has priority. No league game begin before 17.00 or starts after 20.00.)

The next round of the league is played at Dragon´s Lair, Kungsholmstorg 8 next Wednesday about 1800-ish. Be there!

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