fredag 14 juli 2017

The Stockholm League – July 6, 2017

One table was played in the fifth round of our ten week league.
Standard tournament rules apply + printed proxy is allowed.

1. Peter (Assamites with dominate sb)
2. Robert (Dom-weenie with Gehenna)
3. Henrik (Ventrue G4-5 princes with sticks)
4. Donk (Nosferatu Cock Robin rush/wall) 4 vp, 1 gw

League standings:
Erik 70 rtp
Donk 24 rtp
Henrik 22 rtp
Robert 20 rtp
Kim, Zich 8 rtp
Jonas S, Ober 4 rtp
(1 gw = 8 ratingpoints, 1 vp = 4 ratingpoints. Note: Players can play more than one game each round if their participation are needed to complete a table where at least one player has not yet played a league game this round, but only the best result each round counts for rating. If more players than 5 want to play such a table, lowest vp-count this round has priority. No league game begin before 17.00 or starts after 20.00.)

The next round of the league is played at Dragon´s Lair, Kungsholmstorg 8 next Wednesday about 1800-ish. Be there!

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